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The Weekly Kodachrome is now the Official Web Site of the 166th Signal Photographic Company / LHE
It will be used to publish information to better improve the impression of the WWII Combat photographer Living Historian. I do the best I can to give out accurate information and give the source, but sometimes I might get something a little wrong so please don't bite my head off. I am looking for any and all feedback. If anybody has any information they would like to add, just drop me a line.
Capt. C.J. Boa, CO, 166th SPC/LHE

Rank structure in a Signal Photo Co.

Capt. - Company CO
1st Lt. - Company XO
2nd Lt. - Detachment Leaders
T/4 - Motion Picture Cameramen
T/5 - Still Cameramen
Pvt. or PFC - Clerks and Drivers

Late in the war due to attrition everybody became a cameraman no matter what the rank.
(Information from a copy of an original copy of The Weekly Kodachrome)

A Great Film of Army Combat Cameramen in Action

This film shows motion picture and still cameramen of the 163rd Signal Photo Co. assigned to the 7th Army. They are using the Bell & Howell 35mm Eyemo motion picture and the Graflex 4x5 still cameras. In the film it shows close up how they operate both cameras, there is even a shows a cameramen loading his eyemo. 

Original copies of the 
Weekly Kodachrome
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Don't tell Frenchy but that's the last Yuengling 

Cameramen Needed
If interested in becoming a WWII still or motion picture combat photographer reenactor with the 166th or an Army correspondent with Yank ( contact Capt. C.J.Boa at

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Event photos are now posted on either The Grapevine or Yank

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