Issue 1

The Weekly Kodachrome is now the Official Web Site of the 166th Signal Photographic Company / LHE
It will be used to publish information to better improve the impression of the WWII Combat photographer Living Historian. I do the best I can to give out accurate information and give the source, but sometimes I might get something a little wrong so please don't bite my head off. I am looking for any and all feedback. If anybody has any information they would like to add, just drop me a line.
Capt. C.J. Boa, CO, 166th SPC/LHE

Rank structure in a Signal Photo Co.

Capt. - Company CO
1st Lt. - Company XO
2nd Lt. - Detachment Leaders
T/4 - Motion Picture Cameramen
T/5 - Still Cameramen
Pvt. or PFC - Clerks and Drivers

Late in the war due to attrition everybody became a cameraman no matter what the rank.
(Information from a copy of an original copy of The Weekly Kodachrome)

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Cameramen Needed
If interested in becoming a WWII still or motion picture combat photographer reenactor with the 166th or an Army correspondent with Yank ( contact Capt. C.J.Boa at

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