Training with the 104th Infantry Regiment
Pelham, NH
Aug. 14th

Morning Formation

Setting up the Squad Tents
Field Communications Class, Telephone and Radio

Instructer 1st Lt. John DiPersio

Pitching a Half Shelter Tent for Inspection and Display of Equipment
Instructer S/Sgt Jason Volk

One Hell of a Display for the New Guy


Class Rifle Trigger Squeeze, Sighting, and Positions
Instructor T/5 Bob Greenwood

S/Sgt Volk

Pfc Carbone

Pvt Perira
Mil Drill for Foot Troops

Instructer S/Sgt Tom Kosewski

First Sergeant Mazzarella (not sitting)

Captain Devlin going back to his roots

Combat Tactics, Formations, and Hand Signals

Instructer S/Sgt Curt Floyd

S/Sgt Curt and Cpl Avery Floyd
Instructer S/Sgt Mazzuccelli
Living History
Final Formation

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