Operation Neptune

166th Signal Photographic Company's
Weekly Kodachrome
Motor March
D plus 65 years
Manchester, NH to Laconia, NH
May 16th 2009

B Company
104th Infantry Regiment
26th Infantry Division

65 wears ago thoughout the United States and the United Kingdom troops were preparing for the invasion that would breach Hitler's Atlantic wall.
The code name for that build up was called Operation Neptune.

News Reel Footage

Morning Formation

Bob Venturini of the TV show An Hour with Bob and Bob's big Adventure interviewing SSgt. Ken Brissette as a War Correspondent.

The Color Guard pratice in the morning

SSgt. Ken Brissette

The Ceremory at the Veterans Memoral

Back on the Road

Pvt. A.J. Ferraro

Correspondent Bob Venturini
Lunch at the VFW

SSgt. Tom Kosewski and Sgt. Claude Maddox

Back on the road again

The Meeting with the Veterans

This was a great event and everyone is looking forward to doing it again.


Unknown said...

Hey Joe, Great pictures! wish i could have been there!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks amazing -- Kudos to everyone -- I also wish I could have been there. Hope to see some of you at the Springfield Armory.

Lt. Martha