Axis vs. Allied Shooting Match Pelham, NH

Axis vs. Allied Live Fire Match

Pelham, NH

28 March

The 26th Yankee Division

This is my 1st attempt at a Motion picture so bear with me and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

It's a honor to have you in our unit doing what you do. You have really stepped up and made a great effort to help improve our unit. Looking forward to the up coming summer and all your great pictures and movies of the 26th Yankee Division in action.
Cpl.T Kosewski

Anonymous said...

Excellent job Joe! You do great work with the YD, and it's awesome to have you aboard. Get up some more footage, you took plenty!
Pvt. C Jones

Anonymous said...

Joe, Excellent pictures and video! Having a dedicated Photographer for the YD is always a huge bonus. Thank you for your work and for doing it so well, all we can as for is more!
PFC. T Huntley