Windsor VT Tactical July 19th 2008

American and Canadian Forces find Strong German Resistance Before the Enemy Surrenders

Planning out the days tactics.

Morning morter pratice.

The 26th Infantry Division (YD) morning formation

The 82nd Airborne Division camp.


The American and Canadian formation recieving final orders.

Scouting the top.

Machine gun squad making it up the hill.

Very long hill.

We made it up the 1st hill.

Canadian Forces.

Planning the stratigy with 101st Airborne.



The Rear Guard. (The only guy who shot me that day)

Germans Retreating to the next defencive line.

Keeping an eye out.

Giving orders during the attack.

MG42 on station.

But didn't see the 30 cal just below the crest.


Waiting for the counter attack.

Sarg. Lt. ???????

Taking cover.

Members of the 26th YD going around the left flank.

Coming in from all sides they had no choise but surender.

82nd Airborne gathering up the rest of the prisoners.

One last pose while garding the prisoners.

26th YD taking a needed break at the end of the action.

A good baseball game to end the day.

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